Monday, June 9, 2008

Polly has 2 perfect weekends in a row!

Of course, they weren't the same KIND of perfect weekends....

Last weekend Polly went 0/4, but I'm sure the poor guy wasn't feeling very good as he had diarrhea in the ring on his last run of the weekend. Poor guy. We spent the rest of the week recovering from that and he was finally feeling better on Friday when he got into and ate 5 of my blueberry bagels.

So Saturday morning we got up and Polly ran outside to explode on my rear lawn. Greaaaaaaat. I wasn't sure if it was a return of the illness he had the week before or if the bagels were coming back to haunt the both of us. I decided to take him to the trial anyway.

At the trial I was a little bit concerned about him exploding in the ring. To have it happened once is embarrassing, to have it happen two trials in a row would mean I'd have to give up agility for the rest of my life! I had Apollo out walking for quite a while before his first JWW run so that if he would have to poop, it would be BEFORE going into the ring. But apparently he had cleaned out the plumbing earlier in the morning because he wouldn't go again.

So luckily, we had no poop in the ring. And to make matters even BETTER, he ran clean! Followed by a clean run in standard for QQ #9. He finished 2nd in std behind Maja. Then on Sunday he had 2 clean runs again for QQ #10. Polly is now half way to MACH 2. This time he finished 3rd in Std behind Derby and Maja. Damn those bc's jumping 24! If they had been jumping 26" Polly would have gotten 36 points for that run with the first place. Oh well! 18 points will have to do. Apparently, after complaining to Silvina and Tammy at least part of the reason they started jumping 24" was because they don't think they can beat Icon in 26" (which is not true!). Although Silvina did say she though Maja dropped to many bars at 26, so that's probably the real reason :).

Anyway, so Polly had a great weekend. Icon had an OK weekend. We didnt get any Q's on Saturday. He dropped a bar in both courses. I pulled him after JWW (2nd bar) but didn't pull him in Std. I'm not sure why I decided to be incredibly inconsistent at that trial, but oh well. I've decided not to bother pulling him for dropped bars at this point. I'm not sure that it does anything. On Sunday Icon got his first QQ toward MACH 2.

What's the moral of the story from this weekend? Feed your dog 5 bagels the day before a trail for a perfect weekend (although I can't guarantee which KIND of perfect weekend you will get!).

Another moral of the story is don't let your dog drink water from the Foster City Lagoon while swimming. But that is another story...

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