Thursday, June 5, 2008

My psychic prediction about the trial this weekend

Last night I had a dream. A dream about the FAST courses at this weekends trial. Am I psychic? I think so! But we'll only know for sure on Saturday.

I dreamed that Dan Selthofer designed the course. I believe that that part is true, but since I already knew he was a judge I don't think I can really call that a psychic prediction...

So I got to see the course map in my dream! There were jumps on the left side of the course and a 30x80 pool on the right side. The dogs had to jump in the water and slalom around the rubber duckies bobbing in the pool. Below find an attempted recreation of the course map I saw in my dream.

I'll update everyone if this is what happens this weekend! Anyone want to make a bet?

Oh, I forgot to mention that in my dream we were also on a cruise ship for the agility trial.


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