Saturday, June 6, 2009

Apollo, Rampage and I went to a trial today. I haven't been taking Apollo to trails while Icon has been on his break because they are usually well over an hour away. But this one was only 20 minutes, so I couldn't resist!!!!

Apollo had a great day, getting a double q. I think he likes not having having Icon around :). We had our first official "no more stopping on contacts" standard run and he got them both (I won't be counting on this though!). In standard he hit the panel jump, but the top bar stayed up and the one below it fell, so the judge didn't call it. I had thought we had NQ'd until a friend ran up to us after the run to show us our scribe sheet :).

Rampage was a good boy, but he's definitely starting to show more interest in what's going on it the ring. I'm still always able to to get his attention and get him on a toy though, which is way better than Icon was at his age.

I think Rampage is officially taller than Icon. I was going to measure him at the trial today, but they didn't have the measuring wicket there. The judge was measuring by eye!

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