Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boy, I was SO impressed with Rampage tonight. Or so I thought...

I trained the dogs tonight in the order of Apollo, Rampage, Icon (yes, Foster got left out of training, but he still got cookies). I generally go in this order because when I train Apollo all the dogs can be outside since they generally stay in their downs nicely. When I train Rampage, all the dogs can go inside just behind the screen door. When I train Icon, Foster and Apollo can stay behind the screen door, but Rammy has to go in a wire crate in the room furthest away with the doors and windows shut.

Rampage has generally been pretty good in his far away crate land, but recently he has caught on to the fact that something FUN is happening when he's in there. And he is not good. He started screaming as soon as I put him in the crate, shut the door and walked away. But it was only a few minutes into working with Icon that Rampage stopped screaming!

I thought to myself, "My little red boy is growing up!"

Well, not so much...

When I was done working with Icon I went back to the room to let Rampage out of his crate. I opened the door to find a smiling red face panting at me. There was a piece of fluff from one of my couch cushions peeking out of the side of his mouth and scattered at his feet. Behind him the crate had moved entirely across the room and the front door to it was magically open.

But he was quiet while I worked with Icon in the back yard. And that's the goal, right?


  1. what a clever boy Rampage is!:>)

  2. I hand the batton off to you. Rampage is officially naughtier than Bug.

    You should threaten him with his balls (and I don't mean the ones he carries around in his mouth).

  3. Ha! Just got to love the red dogs. :-)

  4. Ok, you guys TOTALLY misunderstood my post. Rampage is EVIL! Sure, he *looks* cute, *acts* cute, even *smells* cute! But like the Siren Song he only wants to lure you in and then be TOTALLY NAUGHTY FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!

    But then tomorrow he'll be cute again and I'll forgive him.