Saturday, July 11, 2009

How many dogs in this photo?

Did you count 2? Well apparently you're missing the shrimp! Icon is there too and he looks tiny.

Here he is looking bigger

Ok, so he still looks tiny. I remember thinking that Icon was big for a border collie as he was growing up. I guess I was wrong!

We went to Redwood shores today for some swimming fun. This was Rampage's first time at RWS, but that didn't intimidate him in the least! Before I could blink he had jumped into the water and was swimming around. I knew from Kay that he was not a fan of LEAVING the water. When she was puppy sitting him she took him to Mandy's house to go swimming and she had to go in after him!! I managed to coax him out of the water, but he was on a long line after that!

Rampage is ready to go back in the water!

Ok, I'll sit pretty for the camera

But can I go in now??

Looking out at the water

And jumping in!

Apollo wants Debbie to play with him!

Icon surveys the other dogs activities (Polly is swimming!!!)

More swimming Polly!

I love the water coming off of Polly's tail in this photo!


  1. love the water pics of all the kids! Rampage is looking mighty handsome these days and so grown up looking to!

  2. Thanks Jan! Handsome??? That's an understatement! (in my opinion, of course) :)