Monday, July 13, 2009

Rampage is, like, SO LAME!

No, seriously! He's lame!

On Sunday he cut the pad on his front right leg. I suspect it is from running into the hedge trimmers, which I had laid on the ground after trimming the hedges. I saw him run into them and thought, "ouch!!" But then he seemed fine so I just dismissed the incident from my mind.


I saw Apollo sniffing the ground with a lot of interest. When I stopped to look I noticed the the leaf he was sniffing was covered in blood! It took me only a few seconds to connect the blood to the hedge trimmer run-in. And then I took a look at Rampage and there was blood dripping off of his foot.

Despite the copious amounts of blood the cut really isn't bad and the silly dog wasn't even limping (and this is the puppy that would SCREAM like the world was ending if he stepped on a pebble when he was 16 weeks old). But I used a compress to stop the bleeding and I am TRYING to keep him quiet for a few days for it to heal. I've never had to keep an 8-month old puppy quiet before and omg, it's not easy! You don't realize how much energy they have until you take the majority of their exercise away from them. Then LOOKOUT! You suddenly understand why some people give up their puppies because they're too crazy. So Rammy and I are now trying to learn a couple low impact things like "left" and "feet up". But I really hope his pad looks better by tomorrow so I can start letting him RUN again!

On a side note, I've been practicing my rendition of "The Sound of Music" so I can perform when I'm in the Alps, but Icon most definitely does NOT approve. With all the barking as I sing I suspect he's saying, "But MOM! You'll EMBARRASS me!"


  1. Hey Channan, Ask Kay to theach you "the HILLS are alive...." She is pretty good ;))

  2. Ok! I will force, I mean ASK, her to show me this weekend!

  3. ouch for Rampage! and I want a video of you signing when you have it mastered:>)