Thursday, March 18, 2010

K9 Cops cont'd... (still no graphics...)

Chapter 5 - The Loading Dock

Skylights in the roof and ample lighting meant it was bright enough inside the factory that it only took an instant for my eyes to adjust.  The first thing that greeted me inside the loading dock doors were rows upon row of boxes piled two deep and five high  creating a maze that could easily hide me from workers in the factory.

If this place was the headquarters I hoped it was, the Red Dog Crew might have ‘brilliance for disguise’ but their security was fur deep at best.

Thankfully my luck held, there was no one in the loading area to see me sneak in.  I heard voices from a distance, so far away that I couldn’t make out any words.  Knowing they were too far away to notice me I took a moment to inspect the boxes closest to me.  The image of a Jack Russell Terrier jumping up in the air and catching a Frisbee was stamped on the side of each box.  They smelled of plastic and cardboard, not what I would expect frisbees to smell like, but perhaps it was the odor that packaged Squeaky Balls would have.  

The corner of the nearest row of boxes showed some moisture.  It looked like someone had put their mark at the end of the row.  If this was the Red Dog headquarters, only someone VERY high up in the organization would dare to mark the merchandise.  I leaned forward, touched the spot with my tongue and breathed deep, expecting to learn and memorize the scent of the Pack Leader of the Red Dog Crew.

I reeled backwards, feet pedaling, as ammonia assailed my senses.  Tears welled up in my eyes and escaped down my cheeks, my nose dripped excessively.  That was no boxer scent, that smelled like cat pee!  Someone must have put the scent there as a distraction, to throw the authorities off the track!

Knowing it would take some time to recover all of my senses from the trap, I slunk deeper into the row of boxes and silently cursed the Red Dog Crew for their cleverness.  I laid down for a moment and breathed deep to try to clear my senses but drool continued to run uncontrollably from my lips.


  1. LOL! I think you need to start moonlighting as a writer (in all your spare time). This is fun!

  2. Channan, have a very captivating writing style and I know that your books would sell in the dog community and well...maybe not the cat world:>)