Monday, March 1, 2010

K9 Cops (the graphic novel)

I'm Officer Icon.  Beat Cop on the Bay Area streets.  You have to be tough to do my job.  And I know tough.

This is my ex-partner, Foster.  For 8 years Foster was one of the best K9 Cops to walk the streets.  The bitches trusted him, the dogs respected him.  But when working the Beat that houses the biggest Squeaky Ball Dealers in the Bay Area, even the best can succumb to the addictive siren call of the Squeaky Ball.  If you want to see Foster now, he'll be standing in possessively in front of the Squeaky Ball with dilated pupils and glassy eyes.  Tragic.

So now I work alone. 

I was on my normal route, walking down Bully Stick Street.  I was making sure the puppies were staying out of trouble and under-aged dogs weren't trying to get busy doggy-style with the young bitches in the ally.  A litter of puppies is the last thing a 1 year old bitch needs!  Those young ladies need to be in school learning jumps, weaves and contacts so they can grow up to be productive K9 citizens!

I was only a few minutes into my route when my radio went off.

"APB.  Chocolate Lab abduction reported.  Last seen in the area of Nylabone Ave with a pink Frisbee."

Nylabone Ave was in my Beat!  I ran to the nearest streetlight to see if the poster had been put up yet.  Yes, there it was.  Ah, her name was Shadow.  An athletic bitch with a rather manic look in her eye. 

I knew just where to look.  The Red Dog Crew were notorious for taking advantage of other Red Dogs.  And sometimes they went too far.  

I lifted my leg and peed on the street light to let my fellow officers know I'd seen the message and then trotted off save a life.

To be continued... have to go train my dogs!

Chapter 2 - The Red Dog Crew


  1. Officer Icon I hope you find Shadow in time!

  2. Is Rammy the dispatcher? :)