Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun weekend!

We had a fun weekend at the Memorial Day AKC trial.  It was a 4 day trial but I had to work Friday so I only went 3 days.  In retrospect I should have signed up for only 2 of them because I was pretty much done and ready to go home by Sunday night.  Now that my birthday has passed I'm not the spry young chick I used to be.  Two days of agility is certainly enough for me.

Rampage and I had a fun time.  It was his first trial jumping 24" and I was happy with how he did with the height.  He had one bar in his first run, but kept them up the rest of the weekend (although on a few jumps he had some odd take-off spots).  I was NOT happy with any of his contacts.  He didn't get called on any of them but I'm not sure he was actually in on any dogwalks and while he was in for all of his a-frames I didn't like the performance on any of them.  I also learned that when it comes to handling we're not quite ready for Open yet!  Novice was so easy!  And we miss it! :)

Apollo did awesome!  Not one bar all weekend and only one Channan mess-up away from 3 double q's.  He seemed extra slow on Sunday but that could be because while I was walking courses first thing in the morning he found and ate the dinner I had out to thaw for all 4 dogs (another Channan mess-up).  I'm not sure that he got all of it, but he probably go the lion's share.  Rawr. 

Icon was perfect, as always!  On Friday after his root canal he was tired and grumpy but by Saturday morning he was raring to go.  Neither one of us was pleased that we couldn't tug but we lived through it.  Again Icon was just one Channan mess-up from 3 double q's but he did get his MACH 3 on Sunday and won both ISC rounds and the ISC combined (admittedly, Icon was the only dog to run clean in both).  All of the courses were incredibly fun this weekend, the European flavor lasted throughout all of the courses.  Straight tunnels abounded!  The judges were Marq Cheek, Dan Dege and Lori Sage.  I will post the ISC courses at minimum since I always appreciate it when other people post them.

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