Monday, June 7, 2010

A successful weekend. Kind of...

On paper the boys and I had a successful weekend.  But I didn't come out of it feeling very successful.  I'm sure that most of it was due to the fact that it was SO HOT.  I made a  point of drinking lots of fluids but I just couldn't seem to find energy at some points.

Apollo was only entered in what he needs for his silver ADCH.  He got his Silver Gamblers title and a Q in relay.  He only needs 3 more pairs legs until his silver ADCH and he will essentially be 'retired' from USDAA agility.  I'll still enter him in a run or two each trial though so Polly will always feel like the special boy he is.  He also won me $6 in Steeplechase.  He finished third with a bar.  Actually, he took down the whole jump.  Poor guy.

Rampage showed some moments of brilliance this weekend but also moments of needing some more training (like staying in the weaves)!    I was EXTREMELY happy with how he handled the 26" jumps.  But I wasn't a fan of most of the starters courses.  For Gamblers and Snooker I really just wanted to create a flowing course for him but the obstacle layout didn't allow for that.  And I don't know why the judge had such a fetish with turning your dog to a tunnel underneath the dogwalk.  He qualified in 2 pairs runs (we got very lucky with our pairs partners!) and jumpers, gamblers and snooker.  BUT, we didn't qualify in any standard runs!  On Saturday we were called on the a-frame and on Sunday the run was essentially a mess :).  Oh!  And Rampage qualified in his first ever GP run!  Amazing!  And Rampage was official declared the most beautiful dog at the trial by the Starters/Advanced gate steward.  I couldn't help but agree :)

Icon qualified in everything this weekend.  BUT!  He missed 3 weave entries this weekend, which is not normal for him.  And we had 2 bars, also not normal.  One of them was the cause of our 8 point Team Snooker run.  Doh!  Luckily our team won anyway :).  He did win GP, Std and Team Standard though.  But missing all of those weave entries was odd.

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