Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ISC Courses


I loved this course!  It was so much fun to run.  I think Marq does a great job as commentator for AgilityVision, but I also think AKC should bring him back as a judge for tryouts.  Or MAYBE he should design the course and then someone else can judge it.  And then he can do a commentary and it would be like an 'inside' commentary because he designed the course.  Brilliant!  I think this is the way AKC should go :)

Icon was the only large dog to go clean and under time on this course.  A few dogs went clean except for 1 or 2 bars.  The other challenges were coming inside the 270 on 4-5.  At least one dog went from 7-16 (I was worried about that!)  EVERYONE was worried about the 7-12 sequence but putting a front cross in before 11 was easy-peasy.

No one chose to take the outside from 15-16.  That's good because I swore to smack anyone who would :)

One person chose to take her dog to the outside of 12, but IMHO the inside of 12 was the better path.  I might have reconsidered this with rubber contacts because you could maintain speed and not worry about the approach, but in this case the approach to the dogwalk was definitely better on the inside of 12

A few dogs took the 20 tunnel after the chute at 17 and at least one dog sliced through the standards on the broadjump on the tight turn at 18.  A note for anyone interested in international agility.  Practice severe turns on the broadjump!!!

It was mostly bars that got the large dogs in this class.  The irregular spacing on the line from 15-20 resulted in a lot of bars down and a few off-courses to the #7 tunnel after 16. 

The weave entry at 4 claimed a few dogs, but most people (including me) overhandled with a front cross. 

The sequence at 9-12  was the only one where handlers really chose to handle differently, and there was one clear winner amongst the choices.  Some people chose to rear cross 10 but that either resulted in a refusal at 10 or the dog coming through the gap between 10 and 11.  One person chose to serpentine 10-11 but that didn't work (I can't remember exactly what her dog did, but it didn't work).  At least one dog took the off-course jump #17 in this sequence (impressive!)  A few handlers chose to front cross after 9 and after 11 and that either worked fine or caused the bar at 11 to come down.  The most successful way of handling this sequence was to double front cross after 9 and then go into the 270 and front cross again before 11 and send to 12.  This also put the handler in a good position to front cross between 13 and 14.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the courses and the evaluation! For some reason I'm becoming more interested in ISC courses lately... ;-)