Wednesday, August 25, 2010

***2010 USA Agility World Team Gear Giveaway***

The 2010 USA Agility World Team is excited to announce that we are having a 2010 USA Agility World Team Gear Giveaway this year! Anyone can get a ticket, you don't need to buy or donate anything!

However, we are asking for people to support the USA Agility Team with donations. Half the donations will go towards our hard working Assistant Team Coach, Kathie Leggett, who travels to WT Practices and the World Championships on her own dime. The WT could not function without everything that Kathie does. The other half of the donations will go to the AKC/USA Agility World Team, which will helps to pay for practices, amongst all of the other costs involved in sending WT members to Germany.  We are hoping to have 2 practices in Germany on the actual competition surface, which is an interesting sandy mixture.  This will allow us to kick some European butt, er,  I mean show the world what great sportsmanship USA has!

Now, back to the exciting part... The Giveaway!

The drawing will be held at the USA Supporter Dinner in Germany on Sept 29th. Agility Vision has graciously offered to record the drawing and post it to their website so you can watch it happen and see if you win (it won't be live-streamed, but will be uploaded soon after)!

See your local World Team Member for your Giveaway ticket.  If you don't have a local WT Member near you, you can email your favorite one, or email me at c.fosty at comcast dot net.  And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider donating at the same time. Any amount can help, even $1!

So what are we giving away? Really cool team gear with the USA Agility Team logo embroidered on it!  This logo is generally reserved for ONLY World Team members, so it's a pretty cool to own one!
Please let me know if you or your company is willing to donate the cost of a giveaway prize (contact me for expected costs.)  You will be publicly thanked during the giveaway and any way we can before!

(note: all prizes will be purchased after the drawing so we can get the correct size and style - mens/womens - from the Giveaway winners) 

1st Prize

A Softshell Jacket in Red or Blue! 

(men's style available)

2nd Prize

A Duffel Bag in Red or Blue!

3rd and 4th Prize (two will be given away)

A Sports Shirt in Red or Blue!

(men's style available)

5th and 6th Prize (two will be given away)

A Baseball Cap in Red or Blue!

Your 2010 USA Agility World Team thanks you!


  1. This is a such a COOL idea!!!
    I'll email you, I don't know any WTers in NY...
    BEST of luck with the fund raising efforts!

    Tara, Hermes N Leda

  2. Channan,

    I crossposted this on my blog as well :)


  3. Oh damn I forgot to ask you for tix at the show today. I had $20 in my pocket! Hope to remember tomorrow....

  4. Thanks Celeste! I wasn't really collecting for this today because I thought it would be too much to be 'working from home', running 3 dogs AND promoting the world team :). I will have the tickets and flyers out tomorrow.

  5. glad I read your blog today so I could donate!

  6. I'm glad you read it too! Thanks for the very generous donation and sponsorship of the giveaway gear!!