Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Polly's back!

Apollo is back home!  I'm so happy, he didn't need surgery.  He was close though.  Not close to needing the surgery, but close to having it without need. 

I am thankful to my regular vet for not feeling comfortable performing the surgery herself and referring me to the surgical specialists at VSA.  I am thankful to VSA for transferring us over to the medical side VMS instead of blindly operating on him.  And I am SO thankful to my agility friend Kelly who works at VMS for taking great care of him.  I knew she was an oncologist, but didn't realize she is an internist too.  I'm sure any vet would have done their best for him, but it was a load off my mind to have someone I know and trust taking care of him.

Apollo was exhausted last night.  He's looking much spunkier this morning.


  1. Welcome Home Apollo!

    I am really happy for all of you that he is home and recovering. Lot's of love sent his way.

  2. Poor Polly! But at least he didn't have to have surgery which is great.

  3. Apollo, as the Cutest Dog in the World, you have certain responsibilities to your fan base. This would include not eating grill scrapings. Because we love you!

    So glad you're home and feeling better.