Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Watch in amazement

as Icon and I run an Exc B Standard course with NO side changes!!

Border Terrier AKC - Icon Sun Standard from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.

It was actually a pretty fun course with subtle challenges.  Many experienced teams were fooled by the apparent simplicity. 

It was a fun weekend overall.  I thought I entered Saturday and Sunday of the trial, but it turns out I entered Sunday and Monday.  Thankfully I had Monday off work so I could go both days :).  I was really happy with how Rampage did.  He got his first Exc B JWW Q and his first MACH points!  He even got more points that Icon, but that's just because Rampage was entered in 24 and the YPS is more generous there.  Icon's time was faster by a bit over a second.  Otherwise our albatross remains the weave poles.  I still haven't really been training Rampage on poles because I only have 20" poles at home and I don't want him doing 20" with his long back.  I ordered a new set, but if I want them delivered I won't get them until the 2nd weekend of Feb.  So I'm thinking of making the 1 1/2hr drive to pick them up myself on Saturday.

Border Terrier AKC - Rampage Sunday JWW from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.

Apollo had fun in 20" Novice preferred this weekend and qualified in everything so now is Open Preferred!  (he already had a leg in each because after his first knee surgery I brough him back in preferred for a day before moving him back up to 24")

Border Terrier AKC - Apollo Sunday JWW from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.


  1. Yup, amazed, truly no side change. Wow, how did you manage that! Simply amazing.

  2. Well I'd like to say that we're just THAT AWESOME, but I think the course design might have had a role to play... :)

  3. That is pretty weird to not have a side change in Excellent. I'm surprised the course was approved, oh well. :-) Congrats to you and your boys, they all look great!

  4. --W-wow re: not a single front cross w/Icon.
    --I liked Rampage's video the best. (For whatever reason..) PS. He has a lot of fur!
    --Apollo looks Great!!!