Saturday, March 26, 2011


Not the dog disease, the iPhone app.  It's pretty neat.

This is my first time playing with it.  I think I should have stood in the middle of the arena instead of at the end.

The 'indoor arena' was indeed a tent but what an awesome tent it was!  Outdoors there were gale force winds that blew over horse jumps but indoors you just saw the tarp flap occasionally.  Outdoors there was a torrential downpour but indoors you heard a gentle pattering that soothed your soul.

And the dirt.  The DIRT!  It was the same loamy sand felt mixture we had at the Thanksgiving trial.  This wonderful surface isn't just amazing for agility, it's amazing for parking also!  We were able to park in the outdoor arena closeby that had the exact same surface.  After 14+ days of straight rain cars would have been spinning their wheels on any other surface but not on this wonderful  stuff.

The boys did well.  Icon got a double Q, Apollo qualified in both and is now in Exc B P Std.  He went from Nov to Exc B without an NQ!  We still need one more JWW Q for Exc B P, we had a little issue in one of our JWW runs :).  Rampage qualified in Std, but we missed JWW due to a dropped bar and popped weaves.

I'm still not sure if I'll go back tomorrow but I'm tempted to get that last JWW for Apollo :).  It's a long drive though...


  1. Wow cool app! Very cool tent and dirt, too.

    Congrats on the Q's!

  2. Great photo! Congrats on the good runs...