Sunday, March 6, 2011


I've been absent from my blog lately, but for no particular reason.  I was out of town a couple weeks ago for work and I haven't been trialing so I guess there hasn't been much to blog about.  

I'm so happy that it's March and spring is starting to peek out and say hello.  My nectarine tree is in full bloom and the leaves are coming out, the wisteria is starting to bloom and my pomegranate tree that I just planted last fall is getting some new leaves. 

Nectarine blossoms
Wisteria blossom

Either I or my orange tree is a bit confused.  This is the first year it has produced fruit for me and they are looking a lot more like a grapefruit than an orange.  They don't taste like either fruit.  My friend suggested it might be a pomelo tree. 

Finally, something that makes my hands look small.

The fruit have mega rind.  This happened the first year my lemon tree produced too so I'm hoping the next season will have nicer fruit, whatever it is.

This time of year I always overseed my lawn to keep it looking thick and luscious (at least for a few weeks until the rain stops and the dog pee kills it all again) .  Apollo and Rampage like to 'help'.  Apollo is definitely the worst with the grass seed spreader.

Icon keeps those boys in line though!

Apollo will have grass growing from his muzzle soon.


  1. Ahhhh....that photo of grass-seed Polly is adorable.

  2. haha! Polly xD... you silly boy. Gottah love him!

    Tara, Hermes & Leda