Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And we're back

Icon and I arrived home after midnight last night after a rather annoying travel day, but I won't go into details on that. We were originally supposed to be home by 5:30, but that certainly didn't work out. I went to pick up Rampage from Debbie's house (she had picked him up from Jay during the day so he didn't have to go back to my house after work) and he had ONE FLOPPY EAR. OY! I left a beautiful double prick eared dog, and apparently right after I went to NC his right ear collapsed. Jay said it was down the entire weekend with a few moments of prickiness when he got excited. I will admit I'm glad Jay didn't tell me while I was in NC, or I would have probably spent the whole trip worrying about his ears.

Yes, I'm a shallow person.

None of the dogs seemed all that happy to see me when I got home. Rampage seemed like he would have been happy to stay at Debbie's house (traitor!), I guess Rampage liked staying with dogs his color, even if they are labs ;). And Foster and Apollo wiggled for me for a second like they were saying, "Hey dude, nice to see you". But then immediately followed Icon to the back yard and acted like he had been gone forever. Man, they fawned all over him! I guess that was their way of telling him he did good!

Then I totally reinforced Rampage's desire to leave me for Debbie by doing a really bad job of gluing his ear. I eventually got the moleskin in correctly, but for some reason it wasn't as easy for me this time (I'm blaming it on lack of sleep), and at one point I had his EAR glued together!

It was after 1am before I got to bed, but it took a while for Rampage to settle down. He dug in his crate for about half an hour.

And now I'm at work! It seems oddly the same although I work for Roche now. But that will change soon as the companies starts integrating. Starting tomorrow all of the Roche bigwigs will be here deciding what to do with their shiny new toy.


  1. Had to laugh about the ear! Now that Merc has finally finished teething, his ears are looking marvelously prick and I can see an end to the moleskin soon - hurray!

  2. don't fret his ears will go prick:>) funny about how the dogs acted like they didn't miss you....they are all traitors! HN Jan