Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MACH2 Polly!

Apollo got the last double q for his MACH2 on Sunday! He did it in style, even earning a 1st place in JWW! Yay Polly!

I always thought it would be nice to get our MACH in our area so we could celebrate with people we know but after I finished his Standard run for the double Q there was only polite applause so I wasn't positive we qualified... So we didn't get to do our MACH run. People tried to get me to do it after the fact, but it felt weird so I declined. They were telling me that I didn't TELL anyone, but I told lots of people! Apparently just not the right ones ;) So our first MACH down south in LA where I only knew one person was way more exciting. Odd.

But Apollo got a steak for dinner, so he thought it was pretty cool! And now he officially has a running a-frame (although I've done nothing to train it yet aside from the beginnings of Rachel's box work).

I also don't have any photos, but I do have videos! I just have the individual videos up on vimeo right now, but I'm making a 'Mach video' for him. I just need to figure out how to add music to it.

Sheltie AKC - Apollo Sunday JWW from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.

Sheltie AKC - Mach2 Apollo Sun Std from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.

Icon also had a good weekend, getting a double Q on sunday and missing it by a bar on Saturday. I am seeing a trend in where we drop bars. It's when I lead out too far on a straight line he gets sloppy as he tries to catch up to me. We had this issue in the middle of our runs previously, but I realized that the issue is me getting too far ahead and have changed my handling style to help prevent the bars. It wasn't until just now that I realized it also happens on leadouts. Interesting!

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  1. It's because I wasn't there to celebrate with you and Polly!!!