Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A little yardwork

Of course by yardwork I mean agility in the yard...

I put together this little setup in my back yard last night and Icon and I had lots of fun with it. I added challenges to the setup based on some common challenges in european courses i've looked at; discriminations for tunnel and weave entrances, weaving to hedges (although it's not as hard with only 6 poles, but my yard is only so big...), a 180 (or threadle) with a tunnel or other obstacle staring the dogs in the face. The teeter that ends at hedges is just because I'm working on Icon driving into 'walls' on his contacts.

A couple of sequences I did on this setup. Since it is essentially symmetrical (aside from the teeter) I did most of these from both directions.

This one starts in a big, happy circle and then you have to make sure you collect them for the 180 past the tunnel entrances AND weaves.

This one was fun to get them passed the tunnel entrances to the weaves. I did a LOP to the first set of weaves and rear crossed them and FC to the 2nd set of weaves with a rear as well. A pull to the weaves would have been less fancy, but with the tunnel there the FC seems safest.

Here I went in between 3&4 and put a front cross then pulled to 5. Also a front cross between 6 and 7. Wow, it must be boring to read this because it's even boring to write.

A nasty weave entry at 4, but you can get far enough ahead to manhandle them in. I tried this course doing both 9a and 9b (these are different jumps, not a sequence). For 9a I brought him around the inside after the 270 and continued with a shoulder pull to 9a, for 9b I tried both ways, around the inside with a FC and then to the outside serping #8.

There were some other sequences I did as well, mostly variations around the big happy circle into various options in the 180/tunnel/weaves area. I wish I had a bigger yard :(

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  1. Fun FUN...I might have to set it up myself.

    You should join our Course Sharing YAHOO group. Tanya's posted some fun drills too.