Friday, March 6, 2009

Rain be gone!

I've been really busy lately between work and the dogs. Although with the rain and all of my agility classes canceled, I'm not sure exactly what I'm DOING at night, but I'm sure I'm really busy. And productive. Yeah, that's it.

So the rain has really been cramping my agility style lately. Last Sunday I was supposed to meet some friends at PP to practice, but we got rained out. I did get to practice on Saturday because I worked with Jack at Woodside. He's my 1 year old border collie student that I'm training for a friend because she has knee problems. He is lots of fun to work with, very smart and willing. Our foundation classes are usually Thursday nights, but we have been rained out so much lately I don't think I've been to a class with him for about a month. But when I meet with him outside of class, I also get free field time Icon, which is cool. Last Saturday I set up a fast European course (and you thought that was an oxy-moron!). It had a lot of running and was really a blast to run. I also ran it backwards, which was not quite as fun but it was quite an experience. Icon missed his weave entry the first time through but got it the 2nd time. I'm going back to Woodside to work with Jack Saturday and will probably set up another course for Icon. But I think it will be a jumpers course. Moving those contacts by myself is not fun! On Sunday I'm going to Workin' Paws in Hollister to do some course work with friends. The weather is supposed to be pretty nice, I'm very excited to be able to go outdoors again! Not to mention Sunday starts DST! Woot!

And next weekend... I'm actually entered in a trial! It's been so long, I hope I remember what to do.

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