Monday, June 8, 2009

dreams and realities

I'm watching the 2008 WC videos and I just saw a run from the large team jumpers course that looks like something out of a nightmare!

You know, the ones where you're dreaming you're at the biggest, most important trial of your life? You arrive to find out that you've missed your walk through, there are no course maps and the numbering on the cones is in Arabic for some reason. You're the first dog on the line and the gate steward, just emerged from the depths of hell complete with horns on his head and flames where his eye sockets should be, is prodding you with his pitchfork and yelling manically for you to get out there NOWNOWNOW! As you stumble on course you can see what the first and last jumps are thanks to the electronic timers, but what's in between??? You make your best guess and take the first jump, then another obstacle, then another. No whistle yet? Keep going. Maybe the tunnel next... then weaves? Still no whistle, must be ok. A few hours and about 300 painfully confusing obstacles later, feeling as though you were lost in a maze, you awake in a cold sweat, your chest constricted with fear.

Everyone has this dream, right????

Anyway, this video was like that. I'm sure he must relive this experience in a nightmare every night. This poor guy starts strong for the lead out, but it quickly goes downhill from there. More than once he just stands there looking lost after a jump, the dog runs around him a few times and then finally, right near the end, the dog puts him out of his misery and just nips behind him to take an off-course jump on the 2nd to last obstacle.

It's painful to watch. I thought maybe he missed his walk through, but then after the dog goes off course, the guy even goes the wrong way to leave the course. He walks halfway across the arena before he notices people trying to indicate that he went the wrong way! Maybe he was having a stroke...


  1. Hm. I don't remember that one. Which I think is related to the fact that I don't have that dream; I still just have the one from college where its finals day and I've never been to class and am nakeed and don't know where my final is being held.

  2. Hey Channan, no fear as you won't have that dream:>) and besides, if perhaps you do get lost, Icon will lead and allow you to follow as you both finish the last obstacle together...and on course:>)

  3. I don't think I've ever had the naked dream. But I've heard it's a popular one!

    Jan, I know I have no worries with Icon. It's a little know fact, but he can even read numbers in Arabic :)

  4. can he teach me:>)

  5. But of course! Anything for Grandma.