Sunday, January 24, 2010

Poor Rammy

I am an agility person who does best running 2 dogs.  The great thing about running 2 dogs is that you have enough time to focus on both dogs, but if you have a bad weekend with one dog chances are good that you will do well enough with your other dog to make you feel better.  I don't want to run 3 dogs because that's one more dog to focus on and more importantly, $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

When I got Rampage I thought the timing would be perfect and stars would align so that Rampage would be ready to start trialing while Apollo is just telling me he's ready to retire.  I'm starting to think that this isn't going to happen!  Apollo is such an amazing dog and he just keeps on getting better with age!  He was such a good boy on Saturday at the USDAA to qualify in every run with a bunch of placements! (admittedly it was a small show so we didn't have a huge amount of competition)  So when will he be telling me he's ready to retire?  Hopefully no time soon!  I love Polly!

Rampage is still months away from being ready to compete but I know I'll soon have the following dilemma.

Should I:
1.  Wait to compete with Rampage
2.  Retire Apollo early
3.  Retire Icon early (haha, just kidding!)
4.  Spend $$$$$$$$$ and trial with 3 dogs.

I'm sure the answer will be #4, but I'm not looking forward to writing those checks!

On a similar topic Rampage got together with Tricki and Space Monkey to practice agility today.  They're quite a bit more advanced than Rampage (even though Space Monkey is younger than him.  Damn those fast maturing girls!) But we had lots of fun!  Rampage did his first ever real sequencing today!  I was really happy with how he did.  His weaves were good despite the fact that he hasn't seen any for at least 3 weeks (and not very often before then!) And his dogwalks were good, although I think one was not within my criteria (in for AKC but probably not for USDAA).   His a-frames are still a challenge because he loves to SOAR over the top.  His first one he even missed the yellow.  EEK!  Tammy suggested randomly placing a stride regulator on the downside, which I will try for a bit (you can see it on his 3rd a-frame).

Obviously, lots of of work to do but he sure is fun!

012410 - Rammy's first sequences from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.


  1. I am in the same boat. Meri will be a year old next week, but Emma is NO where near retiring (and Speck is only 3.5). I think I am going with option 5.

    Trial 3 dogs, but split the runs such so it's only 2 dogs' worth of runs. Speck will get most, if not all of his available runs and Emma and Meri will split the others.

    *shrug* It's an option. ;-)

  2. I hear ya, I just sent in my first entry for 4 dogs for one day of AKC. Not looking forward to the first USDAA trial with 4 dogs. Kirby will get cut back on the number of runs and trials but he's too much fun and he loves it too much to retire.

  3. I'm a relative newcomer to agilty. I came to know of Apollo from the 1 Jump/2Jump DVD. I have just about every agility DVD produced- that's my chief source of instruction. The 1 Jump/2 Jump is my favorite. I am truly inspired by the Channon/Apollo team.

  4. Wow, thanks allmycollies! That is very nice of you to say!

  5. I'm late watching & commenting but just wanted to say "YAY RAMMY!" He looks so good! I LOVE his running AF! & oh my is he cute or what when he does his down on the table?! What a pretty boy!!!

    Have fun with option #4! ;-) I'm sure that's the one your boys would choose. You can probably make a small fortune hiring Rammy out as a model for soem dog catalogue! He can pay his own entry fees that way. hee hee.

    Tara, Hermes & Leda