Monday, January 11, 2010

The sliver lining

Well my computer is back!  But the magic is gone...  My harddrive is now almost 10x the size of my old one (and was ridiculously cheap) but it's missing that special je ne sais quoi it used to have.

Well, to be totally accurate it's more of a je sais quoi since I know EXACTLY what is missing. 
1.  Microsoft Office Suite:  I can't remember where I originally got this but I don't think it came with my computer.  I'm going to have to shell out $100 for the basic suite.  Argh.  But then I guess I'll have the installation disks...
2.  Photoshop:  I remember where I got this and could probably get it again for free, but it is more photo editing power than I need.  I  could never figure out how to use the layers feature...  I might just look up free photo editing software and see if it meets my needs.
3.  Pinnacle Studio:  This is the painful one.  I bought this software when it was Studio8 and have been legitimately buying the upgrade since then.  I'm now on Study14 and have only the upgrade disks and they won't install since they don't see an existing installation of Studio on my system.  I have no clue where my Studio8 disks are and I doubt I could even install them on my computer anymore!  I have a call into support but haven't heard back yet, but if they don't fix my issue soon I'm going to find a new product to use!

So that brings me to the silver lining of my computer dying.  I am totally unable to upload or edit any videos. 

"Why is this good," you ask?

This comes at a very convenient time as Rampage's running dogwalk is totally falling apart.  Thanks to my computer I have a legitimate excuse for not sharing the videos.  I'm not sure where I went wrong with him but he just got higher and higher on his hits as I started adding in obstacles and training turns.  I've gone back to the plank and will add in obstacles and turns there while raising it, but it's less and less likely I'll stick with the running dogwalk.  I'm not giving up QUITE yet.   I'll wait until we start trialing, lose a few Q's because of a missed dogwalk contact and then put a stop on him.  It's really a shame because I was getting excited about handling a running dogwalk!  Oh well :)  We still have the a-frame... 


  1. Picasa (by Google) is a great, free tool for editing photos - I love it.

  2. I feel your running dog walk pain, it sounds like what I went through with Steam. Maybe it's in the genes. ;-)

  3. Sorry to read about your computer woes. I know you will get Rammy's running DW back, I'm just bummed we will have to wait to see the videos

  4. Thanks, I'll try Picasa.

    Jo, I think with Rampage it's more training realted. He had a really nice dogwalk at one point...

    Thanks Yvonne! Hopefully I'll have it back working soon :)

  5. I have every faith in you that Rampage's DW (running or 2o2o/quick release will be stellar when all is said and done!

  6. Paintshop pro does almost as much as Photoshop and costs $49 new! Try it. You mght like it :-)

  7. I was just kidding... :-)