Monday, January 18, 2010

Trip to Santa Rosa (the graphic novel)


My mom took me and my brothers to the Border Terrier AKC trial this weekend.  She said that Icon was perfect as usual and Apollo was also perfect but the judges just didn't understand his unique a-frame performance and dissed him on 2 standard runs.

We had a really nice RV spot right beside a huge field.  To be accurate, it was a field when we arrived, but by the time we left the trial it was more of a swamp.  It was cool either way, though!  I had lots of fun watching Deb and Nalu practice their field work.  I could even watch them from the bed when I was left alone in the RV.  Nalu was so exciting to watch that I tore chunks out of the memory foam mattress and tore holes in the bedsheet.  It's not my fault though!

On Friday after we arrived I was busy doing what I do best, posing for the camera. 

But suddenly I saw another handsome red dog way off in the distance.

"Hey, who's over there??"

Wouldn't you know it?  It was my old bro Riff!  And Keeper and Celeste too.

Riff was really happy to see me, but Keeper had a different opinion.   If asked, I think her exact response would be, "Gag! Now there's TWO of them!"

Riff looked really good, but if you ask me he's a bit of a Momma's Boy.  I mean, he CAME when Celeste called him and made sure she didn't get very far away.  But not me, man, I'm a rebel.  I ignored my mom whenever possible.  I have to keep my cool image.

It's been a while since I've seen Riff and I thought he looked... different somehow.  Once I gave him a proper doggy greeting, I figured out what it was.

"Dood!  Where are your cahones??"

I won't give you nightmares by sharing his answer.  I'm personally scarred for life.

After I got over my shock, Riff and I spent some time collaborating on the best way to annoy Keeper. 

I suggested harassing her, but Riff ensured me that it was not a smart idea.  We finally decided the best way to annoy her was to have fun!  And so we did!

LOTS of fun!  Can you tell where one Red Dog ends and the other begins?

But then the "Fun Police" came and broke up all of our fun.

Still laughing at our close call, Riff and I ran off into the sunset together to plan what kind of trouble we can get into next Saturday at the Bay Team USDAA trial.


  1. I am so ROTFLMAO!!! Pricelessly hysterical! man, did this post give me the best laughs in a long time! I am still laughing as I type this and just can't seem to stop...thanks for that Channan and players!

  2. hahaha! Channan that was SO funny!!!! I think my favorite line was: "Dood! Where are your cahones?!"

    Rammy looks handsome as ever by the way, as does Riff!!

    Thanks for the great read!!!

    Tara, Hermes & Leda

  3. Awesome as usual Channan! That was very fun! Glad the boys had a good time together. :-)

  4. Riff says: "Cool, Ram, you got Keeper! She can play good sometimes, othertimes be all crabby. I think it's cuz she's black and white - they all thinks they're cops.
    Hey...your mama let me jump right up in her face to say hello. She's way fun. Almost as cool as you, Dude, and don't you forget it. Great to REAALLLY RUN with you, bro!"