Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rose City Cluster

This weekend coming up is the ever-exciting indoor 4 day trail in Portland!  And I'm not going :(.  I made my decision not to go to this one quite a while ago.  It was mostly due to lack of vacation time and very little desire to drive for 12+ hours in my RV to get there. 

Listening to friends talk about preparations for the trip up to Portland has left me feeling nostalgic about not going.  But with the weather forecast for this week I'm pretty glad I'm not going after all.  I'd like to wish safe travels to everyone driving through the snow to get there.  And good luck to everyone going to the trial!

For me and my boys, we're heading to a one day USDAA trial this Saturday.  It should be fun and I get to keep Sunday to myself!  Hopefully it won't rain much :)


  1. I'm not going either so I'm glad I won't miss seeing you. ;-) Maybe next year!

  2. Bummer! We will miss you!

  3. Now that I am in a house, you are ALWAYS welcome to stay with Rosie and I. No questions, and bring the dogs;)