Monday, January 10, 2011

Resolution of 2010 resolutions

Please find below my 2010 resolutions and their resolution (in blue).

1. Get to work at a reasonable time. I'm aiming for 9:30, but I think I'll have to ease my way in.
This still doesn't happen often, I'm usually in the office by 10am.  But that's only because I normally roll out of bed and onto a 7am teleconference and then of course I have to respond to all of my work emails before I can leave the computer and head to the office.   So while I didn't technically keep this New Years resolution, I think I would still call it a 'win'.  For my company, at least ;)

2. Eat lunch (and/or breakfast) every day so I don't come home from work so hungry I can't help but eat a bag of Doritos.
I've been doing pretty well on this one the past year!  I've been good at eating both breakfast and lunch, but do still occasionally eat just one.   This is a 'win'!

3. Water the plants in my office more than once ever 3 months.
Another 'win' for me!  My plants get watered at least every 3 months, but probably not more than that.  And you can tell too :)

Resolutions are fun when you set low expectations for yourself :)


  1. omg that plant! HA!

    Good luck with your resolutions. :)

    Tara, Hermes & Leda

  2. I am so with you on the plants.