Wednesday, August 10, 2011

EO Trip - Mellingen

I was nervous going to the local agility trial in Mellingen, Switzerland.    I only knew Marco Mouwen (and not very well), everyone spoke a different language (or two).  But wouldn't you know it?  Agility people in Switzerland are very similar to agility people in the US.  I only spoke to a few people on Saturday, but by Sunday I felt very comfortable.    The Austrians at that trial were particularly friendly.  They must have known that Arnold Schwarzenegger and I are tight ;).

It could be California.  Well, almost.

You don't usually see happy cows near the agility fields in California.

You don't usually have fields and rivers near agility fields in California.

And they don't usually have cute Medieval towns near the agility fields in California.

The agility itself was fun!  Icon did great as was clean in all of his runs except for his last run where I didn't support the weave poles well enough and he popped out.  It was a tough one though ;).  Someone was nice enough to get some of our runs on video.

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