Thursday, August 11, 2011

EO Trip - Salzkammergut (part 2)

We spent a day in Salzburg, which started out on a positive note.  As soon as we entered old town I made a right turn and ended up in the middle of a marching army.  I was told by multiple police to turn around and leave, but it took some time to find space for a u-turn...

Salzburg is a beautiful city but very stark and grey.  Not at all what I expected from the sound of music.  There were some splashes of color though.

More dog posing!

This cemetery looked like the place that the Von Trapps hid from the Austrian military and I really wanted to pose the dogs behind a tomb stone like in the movie, but someone had locked them for some odd reason.  Maybe to keep crazy dog people out.

The obligatory church.

I'm sharing my photos in the order I took them so they may seem random at times.  Here is the view from our room balcony, we had a wonderful babbling brook right behind us that lulled us to sleep.

Oh look!  We're eating again!

I had a caprese salad.  It was VERY good.  The fries and beer were mine too so don't think I'm all healthy or anything.

Ahhh, water....

After close to 2 weeks of being tortured by water in all forms, Icon finally got to go swimming!

Dogs weren't allowed on the beaches so we had to find a slightly swampy place for the dogs to swim.

They didn't care though!

There was a wonderful open field across the street from our hotel where the dogs could romp and play off-leash.

The last day we were there, unbeknownst to us, someone sprayed the field with what smelled like liquid cow manure.  Certain dogs that will not be named had a blast rolling in the field and the smell lingered for days despite being bathed... (But Icon wasn't one of them!  He's a very meticulous dog and wouldn't be caught dead smelling like cow shit.  Rampage would have been all over that though.)

Nancy is wondering where the weird smell is coming from.

Our last night at Fuschl am see we got a live concert in town!  Icon embarrassed me by barking and tugging on his leash when people clapped after each song.

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