Monday, May 19, 2014

Kirk's first hike!

 photo IMG_3323_zps0df55442.jpg

Kirk went on her very first hike this weekend.  We went 10.5 miles, but of course she didn't walk the whole way.  I'm really not sure how much she walked, maybe 2 miles in total.  Mostly at the start and finish where it was relatively flat.  She was such a trooper!  She took everything in stride, including the big boxers who she wasn't so sure about when she met them the previous weekend at the AKC trial.  Well, everything except when Reacher tried to hump her and she told him, "BACK OFF, DUDE."  Feisty little thing.

 photo IMG_3339_zpsce35ffee.jpg

My photos totally suck from this hike.  I brought my 'good' camera but it died 2 miles in (and then I had to lug it the rest of the way!) but even the ones I got weren't very good.  Most of the hikes were under heavy tree cover.  Great for summer hiking.  Bad for photos.

I mostly lagged behind this time...
 photo IMG_3322_zpsec369474.jpg

This may have been an cute photo if Rammy hadn't tried to photobomb.
 photo IMG_3341_zps430d58e2.jpg

Reacher, Keen and Dasher!
 photo IMG_3354_zps37b95a30.jpg

And then my camera died so I moved on to the iphone...

And what did Kirk do when she wasn't being the Little Engine that Could?  She was packing!

She looks pretty stuffed in the photo, but that's just an optical illusion.  She had enough room in there.  I won't be able to pack her much longer though.

The trail we were on was unfinished for years and years and years (and they are still putting the finishing touches on it).  It was our 'super secret' trail where you could hike up to where the stones are in the photo below (we are on our way down in the photo) and then either have to turn around and go back (for an 8 mi hike) or bushwack a while to get up the rest of the trail.  We would NEVER see people on this trail but we saw 2 groups of people this time.  Boo.

I think this photo is funny.  It looks like the dogs don't know which way they are going.

And then we were to the part where there are tons of people so we put the dogs back on leash.  2 miles left to go.  It was a fun trip, but it would have been nice if Kirk was a bit more tired when I got home!


  1. Despite the bad camera and bad covers, the dogs didn't loose any of their adorable charisma in the pictures. The hike sounds like it was a lot of fun. I'm sure they had a blast in getting out in the great outdoors, especially Kirk! That short dilemma with Reacher cracked me up, though. Hahaha! I hope that you get to resolve the bad camera next update. Cheers!

    Priscilla Price @ The Pet Glider

    1. Thanks, it was a really fun hike! We did another one last weekend (probably her last for a while since she doesn't really fit in the doggie backpack anymore) and believe it or not the photos were WORSE! Oh well, lots of time for great photos :).