Thursday, May 15, 2014

Puppy on the prowl

Puppy on the prowl at work.

But she's not the most graceful yet!  Oops!

She'll be graceful one day, though!

All of my border collies grew up coming to work with me and staying in the car (they're not allowed in the office).  They get to go out for walks and stuff during the day.  It's really good for socialization since they meet lots of people.  Not that it helped much for Rampage, he never really liked meeting new people.  Kirk LOVES it, though!  She thinks everyone is there to meet her.  We also go on field trips around work.  I like going for walks along the bay, but my favorite is the Wind Harp.  When it's windy (it usually is in South San Francisco) it produces lots of erie sounds.  Kind of cool.   

Some days I'll bring a random dog from home to keep her company.  They look like buddies, but he hates her.  Sorry Kirk.

She don't care!  It's good to be a puppy.

Bye for now!

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