Friday, May 30, 2014

The Babysitter

After an extremely frustrating day at work I just have no energy for a puppy.  I have struggled a bit with trying to manage work, my dogs, a puppy and a modicum of fitness (the fitness usually suffers) and sometimes I wonder how other people do it.

So tonight I say, "Screw you, puppy.  I'm not doing anything with you."  Ok, not really.  We did play for a while when we got home from work but after dinner I cannot rouse myself to entertain her.

So I brought in "The Babysitter."

(sorry, crappy dark cell phone photos, but I refer you to the "lack of energy" statement above).

One thing my precious girl and I are still working on is food aggression.  We have had major improvement since she was 8 weeks old and latched herself onto my face, but she still growls when I approach her as she's chewing on bones.  All of my dogs have shown some level of food aggression as a puppy, but they have gotten over it by this age.  I'm not worried about it with people, but I am conscious that this could be an issue with dogs in the future.  Unfortunately I can't judge the possibility of this from her interaction with my boys because they wouldn't DARE try to take anything from her or correct her in any way.

Kirk says, "Get the F*ck away from my lamb shank."

Why did you take it from me???

I actually do have some good photos and videos of her and will post soon.  She's so smart and lots of fun to play with and train... when I have energy...


  1. I have had Coal 10 months and I still struggle with the balance of work, dog/puppy training and exercise. It's important to find time for ourselves too, it relieves stress. I just have to let go of the guilt I feel when I take a day off from training or playing. I have a supply of babysitters too!

    Kirk is sure a cutie! Keep the pictures coming. I look forward to watching your journey.

    1. Thanks Laurie, but you're supposed to tell me it gets EASIER! ;)