Thursday, February 5, 2009

Double the tugging, double the fun!

For some reason, I had a brilliant idea the other day to see if Rampage and Icon would tug with me together (one on each hand).

Rampage is an avid tugger, although sometimes I think he just wants to grab hold and not let go (as he demonstrates at the end of the video). When I first started the 2-toy tugging game with him I used slapsticks and he would go for the first one and grab on, and when I killed the first toy and tapped the second toy on the ground, he would grab the 2nd without letting go of the first! Cheeky boy. I changed his toys to softie sticks for a while so he could only get one in his mouth at a time and he caught onto the game pretty quickly and now he will tug with just about anything (and let go of the first one when grabbing the 2nd).

I figured with the two dogs tugging at once, one of two things would happen. Rampage would either be all over Icon, or he would tug fine. Aside from a few hectic seconds in the middle when I was trying to get Icon back on the toy (I tried to put both tug toys in one hand to throw the ball for Foster but that put Icon too close to the puppy so he wouldn't tug), he totally ignored Icon. I was surprised when he even kept his focus on me at the end when I was playing only with Rampage and Icon started getting in the way.

Here is the video. I have so much video if Rampage, but most of it is painfully boring (this one isn't much better). He usually does something cute so I grab the camcorder. But when I turn it on, Icon goes nuts at the sound and starts to bark and the puppy gets distracted and stops doing the cute stuff.

And excuse my stump hole covered with orange plastic. I'm waiting until spring to add sod.

Tugging with Rampage (and Icon) from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.

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