Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Icon's ISC JWW run

I didn't get anyone to tape my ISC run with Icon, but I did notice a guy was taping a lot of them and asked if he got mine. He did and I gave him my email address to send it to me. After I got home, time passed and I thought he probably forgot about it. But last night he sent me an email that he uploaded it to youtube. He is also going to send me a DVD in the mail. Thanks so much!

I remember not being very happy with the run after I finished, and I was surprised that my time held up to win (I think London had a faster time, but they had a bar down). Watching it over again, I see that I was right not to be so happy with it! There are specifically 2 places where our turns were a bit too wide (the turn from 2 - 3 and the not-a-270 threadle) and one big honking ridiculously wide turn (which I probably don't even have to tell you is the two jumps after the broadjump and before the weaves. It's a funny feeling to be happy to win something, but not be happy about how you ran! I liked how we did the close from the weaves though. :)

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