Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back home from the Rose City

It's three days later and I'm still recovering from my trip to Portland. I guess I'm getting old because I used to be able to do things like this without even getting tired. The puppy was so good on the trip home. It was a full 12 hour drive and he only barked occasionally, and handily right before rest areas so I could let him out to eat/potty. The problem with him being so great on the drive, though, is that he was wiiiiiide awake when I arrived home at midnight and wanted nothing more than to fall into bed. He woke up more than once that night and every night since then. I think our schedules are out of sync and I'm the one suffering!

But overall I had lots of fun! It really is a nice trial. I saw a few dogs have trouble with the surface, but both my dogs really like it (I keep their nails extra extra long for this trial). The courses were really nice overall, I especially liked the Standard courses and ISC courses. Monday's JWW was fun too.

Apollo went 6/8, which wasn't as good as his 8/8 last year, but I can't complain. If he had gone 8/8 we would have gotten MACH2 though. Oh well. We don't have another AKC trial until March and for some reason we stop qualifying at the March Dixon trials so it will probably be a loooong time before he sees MACH2, but I asked Apollo his opinion and he said he doesn't care about some silly MACH2 title.

Icon also had a really good weekend going 7/8 for the regular classes and won both ISC (We had a run-off with Jester for the ISC Std - what fun!)

I got all of Icon's videos except for ISC JWW and most of Apollo's and I put them on vimeo. I don't feel like embedding them all here, so I'll just post one.

Rose City - Icon ISC Std -> Take 2 from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.

The clubs offered high in trial for std and JWW on Friday and Saturday (I'm not sure why they didn't on Sunday/Monday) and Icon won High in Trial Std on Friday and High in Trial JWW on Sunday. That was pretty cool, we've never won high in trial before and I never expected to. It's based on the number seconds you are under SCT for your height and it's easier for the 20" dogs to have better numbers since they jump 6" lower but have the same SCT. And it's much easier for the fast 16" dogs to win it since they generally have 3-4 seconds more SCT.

So I have 2 big ribbons and big bowls and for this momentous occasion I even took a photo of Icon with them, I have no clue what to do with them now. Icon's a bit wet in the photo because we had just finished playing with the hose.

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