Friday, January 2, 2009

Life with Puppy

Rampage is doing so well at home now. We've spent 3 nights at home since returning from the AKC trial on Tuesday and every night he has slept through until I got up at 7am. Bliss!

While he still has the attention span of a gnat, he's tugging really nicely now and giving me cute little puppy growls. I need to put the other dogs (mostly Icon) outside because he does get distracted with Icon whining as we play. Rampage switches happily between different toys and will tug with pretty much anything I put in front of him. If the dogs are out, he still finds them more interesting than me, but it's getting easier to keep his attention with me.

We're working on a wave with clicker training and it's coming along pretty well, but again with the attention span of a gnat he gets bored with it pretty easy.

He seems to have a very solid puppy temperment. Not too much phases him, although he startles at motorcycles and when we're in the back yard and the neighbors dog barks. It doesn't take him long to get over it though.

He's started chasing the kitties and forsome odd reason, they are just running away and not telling him to leave them alone, so I will have to intervene there soon.

Rampage has taken to humping the head of his big red dog. Charming. But turn about is fair play, Apollo wants to hump Rampage (the puppy is a bit too slippery for him though).

Sandy has a puppy class going on right now on Mondays and I'm going to drop in to the next one to see if it will work for us. I thought the puppies were pretty old, but I guess they're only a bout 2 months older than him. We'll see how it goes.

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