Friday, January 9, 2009


I'm handling a friends 10 month old border collie in a puppy agility class. Last night was my first night with him and he wasn't sure of me at first. He's done a lot of conformation and obedience with 'guest handlers' so he does work with others, but at first he would only work for me with food and not tug, but we were doing stationary exercises. I could tell he wasn't comfortable with me just yet. He started tugging with me when we started moving around a bit.

At one point when I was trying to get him to tug, I bent down and he jumped up and *BAM*, he got me on the bridge of my nose with his teeth. Ouch. I almost blacked out for a second. I was sure I'd have black eyes this morning, but I don't really. Under my eyes looks a bit puffy and darker, but that's it. The bridge of my nose has some scrapes though. And I do have a nasty headache. Maybe this is how Jack christens new people because after I recovered from that incident we worked much better together.

Rampage is doing well. I know he's been getting bigger, but yesterday I saw that he's bigger than my cats now. So I have proof! It's pretty sad, they don't stay little long enough! Of course I like him better now that he has a longer attention span. Along with "wave" he quickly picked up "speak" (I might regret teaching that one so early) and will back up for me, but I don't have a word on that yet. I think our next session will be on roll over or turn since he's offering me those quite often. It's so cute to see him offering behaviors, he does it with such enthusiasm and spunk.

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