Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Border Terrier AKC

We went to 2 days of an AKC trial last weekend.  It was cccccold but fun.  I tell you, you don't get bored running 4 dogs, even at an AKC trial.  And of course it turned out that the 20" dogs were walking JWW right when I had to run Icon and Rampage in 26" standard.

Firstly I have to say Apollo is awesome.  He went 4/4 last weekend. Polly rocks!

One problem with running 4 dogs is that it's hard to make sure you also find people to video your runs.  Usually my friend Debbie is at the same trials I go to and I don't have to say anything, she just keeps track of my camera and films my runs.  But she's had miss miss some trials lately because Shadow was on the injured reserve list.  :(

So I bought what runs I could from 4 legged flix, I didn't want to buy ALL of them because that would cost soooo much, so how do I decide?  I got all of Cassidy's because I told Diana I would get hers on video, then I kind of randomly selected runs to buy.  I feel awful because it turns out I only bought one of Rampage and none of Apollo!  I only got 3 of Cassidy's because they missed our Sat JWW run (we had on off course, really my fault... but I'm sure people all over California heard me screaming her name and she went into the off course tunnel).  And I got 3 of Icon's, I missed his standard run on Sunday, which is the one we nq'd on.  I was a victim of the short chute and called too hard so he missed the next jump.  For Rampage I wanted to get his Saturday JWW run but got Sunday JWW instead, I'm not sure if I wrote it down wrong or if they read it wrong.

Anyway...  Here the videos....

Icon's Saturday Standard.  Good boy!

Icon's Saturday JWW.  Good boy!

Cassidy Saturday Standard.  After she was VERY pushy on the contacts the previous weekend, she was quite responsive this weekend.  Well, responsive in a pushy way.

Cassidy Sunday JWW. Oops :)

Rampage Sunday JWW.  Even though I didn't plan to buy this run, I'm glad I did.  His time was way off  and it's interesting to see why.  He's such a bendy dog, but he loses speed on bendy courses.  His speed has improved a bunch on the wide open courses, but we definitely need to continue working on speed out of turns.

Icon Sunday JWW.  Good boy :)

Cassidy Sunday Standard.  Good girl :)

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