Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Looking back on 2011 resolutions

I've never been a big fan of resolutions but for some reason I've had them for the last 2 years.  They're not big, lifechanging, unatainable things, just small things that I think will make me happier.  It's been fun the last few years because after I make my resolutions I kind of forget that they are resolutions and consider them a way of life.  At the begining of the next year when I look back it's like opening a time capsule.  A bad memory has its uses.  Another good use for a bad memory is you can re-read a book a couple years later and it's like reading it for the first time!

1. I am only eating humanely raised and slaughtered meat.

This has been fairly successful.  I significantly cut down on the amount of meat I eat.  I only really eat beef anymore (I love my steaks) and only about once a week or once every other week.  People have asked me if I feel different for it, but I don't.  The only problem is it turns out the steak I was buying from Whole Foods is not as humanely raised as I thought it was.  Oh well, live and learn.  Whole Foods is not the great store it used to be.  I only buy my steak from ranches now, which is not as convenient.  Hmm, and I guess I should mention that I fell off the wagon when I was in Europe for 2 weeks.

2. I will only enter agility trials that have rubber contacts.
Total success!  It was pretty hard for me at the begining of the year when I was missing a lot of trials due to non-rubberized contacts but then I got used to not trialing so much and having a lot of extra money (entering 3 dogs is so expensive!)  But by September the last major equipment supplier who was holding out went ahead and rubberized.  There might be a trial or two this year where the clubs use their own non-rubberized equipment, but in general I think it's all rubber in my area.    I'm pretty happy with the state of US agility now that we have the 24" weaves, rubber equipment, and breakaway tires (although I'm not a fan of the lower tire and new 6' chute in AKC).  My one remaining pet peve about USDAA is the height of the a-frame.  I thought long and hard about boycotting USDAA this year due to it, but I don't think I'm ready for that quite yet.  USDAA trials are the most fun :)  
I had 3 New Years resolutions for 2012 (which I had to go back to my blog to look at in order to remember what they were - see?  bad memory) but I did think of 2 more to add.
4.  I will not get a puppy this year! Everyone and their sister is getting a puppy.  And they're all so damn cute!  I want a puppy!  Luckily having Cassidy stay here with us has reinforced that I cannot have 5 dogs. 
5. Uhm, I had one more but I can't remember it.  Oh well :)

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  1. I will not get a puppy either! (I will not get a puppy either, I will not get a puppy either, I will not get a puppy either) Though it's fun to pretend I can sometimes.

    I really liked your rubberized contact resolution. That would have been impossible to do in FL last year without showing, but wonderfully we seem to be catching up with the rest of the country(/world)! I think I could actually do that now (and for the most part, do).