Saturday, January 28, 2012

Free Weekend!

We have a free weekend!  Ok, so I should be cleaning the house or doing laundry or something productive like that, but the day was just too nice to stay inside and clean.

Our day started by meeting up with Tammy for a 12 mile hike at Sanborn.  Tammy wore an 18lb weight vest because she's preparing for our future overnight backpacking trip.  I felt like a slacker since I was only carrying my daypack with 3L of water and a few odds and end.  It was probably 8 lbs at most.  She STILL left me in the dust on the uphills :).  

The hike is 100% on-leash, but we did let the dogs off for a few minutes to have a drink when we reached the 'stream' about 7 miles into the hike.  I am appreciating every glorious sunny winter day we have been having in No Cal, but WE NEED RAIN.    This 'stream' should be way larger than it is...

When we got home we rested for a bit and then I took the dogs to the park down the street to run around like crazy for a bit (mostly for Foster and Apollo who didn't get to go on the hike).  I used to bring the dogs here every day before work, but since my company was acquired by Roche and I started working with people in Europe, my days start way too early to take them to the park in the morning before work.  

I didn't feel comfortable taking 5 dogs, so Cassidy stayed home for this trip.


I've always wondered why people say I have long legs (I mean *I* think they are normal legs), but I guess this picture makes them look a bit long...

Foster and Apollo say, "That was fun!"
Rampage says, "That hiking thing didn't wear me out, but now I'm tired.

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