Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weimaraner AKC

We went to one day of an AKC trial last weekend.  Running 4 dogs was fun!  I only got Cassidy's runs on video (because I promised her Mom I would).  The only one who had a good day was Apollo, who got a QQ (love my Polly!)  Rampage had a bar in Standard and Q'd in JWW, Icon had a bar in Standard and blind crossed me out of a tunnel in JWW so we got a refusal (whaaa? Silly dog :)  and Cassidy and I don't quite have our act together yet, but there was some good stuff!

Cassidy Standard

Cassidy JWW

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  1. I brought my Weimaraner in one of the dog shows in our area. It was our first time. And I am so happy to have found new friends whom I share the same interest.