Monday, February 11, 2008

Laea, Laea Pants on Fire

The trip to Las Vegas was really fun! Apollo ended up with 1 QQ and 80-some points. Icon had a perfect weekend aside from the first run of the day Friday, where he dropped the first bar on course. We also had an off-course on a tunnel/dogwalk discrimination, but I'm SURE that we would have gotten that if it weren't for the bar down. Uhm, yeah. So Icon is now at 12 QQ's for his MACH. He also got his last Exc B FAST Q for his MXF title! I will stop entering him in FAST now since I have no plans to get 100 more (actually 99 since he also got a FAST Q the next day) for the century FAST title.

The best thing about the trip was spending time with friends! Caroline/Dan with Milou were there, Debbie with Shaddy was there, Kay and Lena with their boxer brood.

We also met some new friends, Beth and her Rhodesian Ridgeback Laea (rhymes with fire when spoken with a boston accent). And thanks to Laea I cannot get they saying "Laea, Laea Pants on Fire" out of my head! Damn!

I guess it's inevitable that if you go to Vegas, you'll eventually end up at a casino. We went to Boulder Station because we thought we saw a sign for cheap prime rib, however we couldn't find it and ended up at a buffet. We got there a bit before Kay and Lena and sat at the slot machines for a bit. I put $1 in and a few minutes later I was up to $26! Knowing how my luck runs hot and dies fast I decided to cash out and consider myself a winner! I did throw away a couple more dollar bills on some other machines, but I did come out ahead at least $20. Score! At the buffet, the food was just OK, I don't think anyone was too impressed with our $12 meal, but the ribs made it all worthwhile for me.

I will be loading my videos, but it's a new camera and I'm just learning how to get them off the camera and online. For now, here's a sneek peek of Icon's Std run from Sunday!

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