Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Results - Which way is faster?

Sooooooooooooooo, on saturday I did manage to get some practice on the first course I showed on Feb 16th.    I will list the videos at the end.

Overall when I did side-by-side comparisons Icon was about the same speed on all three.  He was slightly slower on the pull because he didn't drive out of the turn, but I also didn't drive out of the turn I think he held up because of me.  For me the FC felt the best.

I also tried in the other direction (starting at the red tunnel) and the blue tunnel seemed to have a much greater gravitational pull on Icon.  His turns to the 270 were very wide on all three different ways of handling, but I think the turn was tightest on the front cross, because I was right there making him come in to me.    I was pretty lazy putting together the videos because it's a real pain to work with the video editing software that came with the camera.  I did buy an upgrade to my pinnacle software so it will work with the HD format and I'm just waiting for it to arrive.

No videos of Apollo due to the above-mentioned video editing software issues, but he wasn't so good with the pull.  He actually back jumped a few times.  I didn't know we had this problem, but I should have realized it since we lost a couple of snooker q's due to back jumping the red.  Polly did pretty well with the front cross, but for the serp he came in the 270 once or twice, I was early with my hand change though, which you can also see with Icon.

Another problem with my video editing software is that once it's uploaded to photobucket it goes from widescreen format to non-widescreen so I'm really not as skinny as I appear in the videos and my yard is wider than it appears.

Also, the next day I cut my hedges so they are looking a bit better as well.

Icon with the Pull

Icon with the Serpentine

Icon with the Front Cross

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