Thursday, February 14, 2008

Photos from Las Vegas

Caroline and Dan are the greatest photographers ever! And I'm not just saying that because Caroline dresses so fashionably and Dan tells me all the best video games to buy. It's really true! Although Dan SHOULD stop pressuring me to buy a nintendo DS. Doesn't he know I have to save all my money to spend on agility??

There was something special in the air for Foster in Las Vegas. They got the best pictures of Foster that I've ever seen! He totally outshined Apollo (not easy!) and Icon that weekend.

Look at the colors in this photo! And Foster looks so happy! He really likes jumping 20" :)

Another happy dog photo with gorgeous colors. Look at his smile! These to photos of Foster are my favorite, EVER. Now that I have them his job is done, he can stop doing agility!

Polly's first ever a-frame shot. His ears were very expressive that day.

More ear expressiveness from Polly.

Caroline pointed out that Icon always looks very similar in his jumping pics. He is a consistent jumper. Good for agility,not so good for photos!

But at least he does look happy!

Does he look happy here, or unimpressed? I say unimpressed (I look happy though!)

One final picture. :)

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