Sunday, February 3, 2008

Vast -Day 2

Wow, we sure got lucky with the weather! Saturday night was really windy and rainy but the sun was out when we got to the trial in the morning. Sadly, Debbie's canopy didn't survive the night. When I arived there was one leg sticking out of the ground and the rest of the canopy was nowhere to be seen. I think Debbie said that it had blown over the top of the other canopies and up against a fence. RIP canopy...

But I digress. During the day today we had a mixture of sun and cloud, windy and still. There was about 5 minutes of actual rain but otherwise just a sprinkle here and there. So I obsessed over the weather for nothing! Yay!

So onto the trial.

Apollo ended up having a perfect weekend. He qualified in everything (well everything he ran - I scratched him from gamblers today becuause I was conflicted with Steeplechase and I didn't want to stress out about it). Apollo even won Steeplechase and made me $20 (and change)! It wasn't a feel-good win though since he dropped the first bar. He got a pGP Q, but missed the entry so it's a 5 fault Q. He came 2nd in standard and Q'd in jumpers, but I forgot to check so I don't know if he placed or not. I still don't know if he placed in Snooker yesterday either! But as always, Polly was a good boy. He really seemed tired by the end of the day though.

Icon also had a great day today too. He got everything but gamblers, which was totally due to sloppy handling. He was first in Std, but I was very unhappy with the run, it felt very choppy. Our Grand Prix run felt a lot smoother (and was a very similar course) and he won that one too :). Next we ran SC and that was a really fun course. Open and FAST. Icon won $50 by a VERY slim margin over Focus! Last run of the day was Jumpers. We Q'd but came third to Yankee and Focus. It was a nice course though and I liked how I handled it.

Icon now just needs 1 Std Q for his MAD. For his ADCH he needs.... 3 Std, 3 Jumpers, 4 Gamblers, 4 Snooker (2 SQ) and 3 pairs. Ok, that's a ways to go!

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