Sunday, February 3, 2008

Vast -Day 1

We had a good day on Saturday and the weather stayed dry until a few sprinkles around the last class of the day.

Icon got every run except for Std, which was due to a flyoff on the teeter. He generally doesn't have flyoffs so I figure this one was due to 1. a much lighter teeter than we had last weekend (last weekend was the heavy bay team aluminum teeter) and 2. it was quite slick. But the great news is that Nunes agility field fixed the slats on the contacts! They're quite beautiful now! Other than the teeter flyoff Icon also didn't stop on the a-frame. I gave him an 'Uh oh!' but he was in the teeter by then and he just stopped and turned around. But from there it was a pretty nice course. I liked the way the turn to the teeter felt over the jump, I want to take a look at that on video to see if it looked as good as it felt though.

We got the pairs Q with a parnter I've never seen before. We were supposed to be paired with Kep, but they ditched us for an AKC trial in Santa Rosa. Both our partner and Icon were clean, but I don't think we placed.

We had an ok gamblers run but lost 5 points becuase we didn't quite finish the last a-frame when the buzzer went. But we got the gamble and the Q, which I am very thankful for since gamblers isn't our strongest point.

Steeplechase was a rather tricky course with a tunnel under the aframe and you had to naviate that area 4 times either taking the a-frame twice and the tunnel twice. Icon had a pretty nice run and ended up in first, but I think that Focus had a slightly faster time (with a bar down).

Last run of the day was snooker where I did a fairly aggressive course of 6-7-7-6. The 6-7-7 flowed nicely but we had to maneuver past a few obstacles for that last 6. It wasn't pretty, especially the first 7 (a set of 3 jumps) where Icon passed the 2nd jump and I had to call him back around, but we did manage to get through it for a first place and a super q :).

Apollo had a pretty awesome day and q'd in everything. He was first in std and steeplechase (even though his missed his weave entry), 2nd in gamblers to Annabelle and I'm not sure about snooker, but I didn't do a very agressive course with Apollo since he just needs a q (we did 5-4-7-6). Only one more snooker Q needed for Apollo's APD!

Today it looks like we'll be having lots and lots of rain. I'm not really looking forward to it. I hope the ground isn't too slick! :(

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