Sunday, February 24, 2008

Van Nuys day 2

I slept in until 8 this morning because, well, I could :). But apparently I needed to sleep more :(.

The rings ran a bit faster and as I arrived at the site at around 9:45 they were setting up the Exc Std course. I had time to let the dogs run and potty before I had to walk it. Walking the course it seemed tight but definitely do-able.

Sadly, I let both of my dogs down during the runs. Apollo was first and I was totally concentrating on having him stop on the contacts. He DID stop and was a very good boy! But I didn't support him for jump #12 after the tunnel and he ran passed it. I think we also got a refusal before the weaves, but I think that was a bad call.

Icon dropped the 2nd bar on the course. I was trying for a really tight turn to the teeter and we got it, but dropped the bar. After that I worked contacts, they were fast and he stuck them all. What a good boy :)

The JWW course was really nice. It was smooth and flowing. Both dogs Q'd on it and Icon came 1st (only dog) for 36 points and Polly 3rd for 14. I think Polly ticked 2 bars (one was the triple) but they stayed up :).

This weekend I'm off to Arizona for the Fiesta Cluster. 4 days of agility! Am I crazy, or what????

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