Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back from Arizona

Well, lots has happened since I last wrote, but I don't want to bore everyone.

Just two days before I made the 12 hour trip down to the Fiesta Cluster my car decided to die on me. Thanks to AAA plus I had it towed 30 miles from my work to my home. Thanks to Ford, I spent 1.5k fixing it. I wanted to leave by 6am on Thursday morning, but the car wasn't ready until 10:30. I didn't get it back and packed and on the road until noon. It was a looooong drive to arizona, but I made it and I am sooooo soso so thankful that my car died BEFORE my trip and not during!

We didn't have our best trial ever, but both Apollo and Icon did well going 6/8 and getting 2 QQ's. Apollo even came first in Standard one day for 36 points! Woot!! He managed to get 124 invitationals points over the course of the trial. I think he ended up with one 1st and 3 2nd places. Icon was a good boy during the ISC classes. He went 3/4 and missed the Sunday Std one thanks to a bad bad bad handler. Oh well.

I'm really liking my new video camera. I think the quality is really nice, it's even acceptable when uploaded on photobucket!

The weather was generally very good, except on Monday it was very very windy (and cold!). During Polly's JWW run two ez-ups blew over (thank god he didn't freak out!) and the wind blew down the double and another bar. That's ok, 2 less for him to knock down! ;) Here's the video:

And here is Icon's Sun ISC Std run. You can see that after the tunnel he goes towards the dogwalk and I get discombobluated and cause him to miss the threadle. Doh!

More videos of my wonderful boys can be viewed here!

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