Friday, March 7, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Screw christmas, it's SPRING! I just love spring when the sun starts to shine again, the grass starts growing and trees start to bloom. Starting November I start getting depressed and it just gets worse and worse until it gets to the point that I think I'm just a miserable, bitch person in general. And then one morning I wake up and hear birds singing and my wisteria is in bloom and I'm HAPPY again! It's like I'm a new person! I can take the dogs to the park in the morning and it's warm and smells like wet grass. Nothing is better!

And to make me even HAPPIER, this weekend is daylight savings so it will be lighter later. Currently it's dark by about 6:30, which is when I roll in the driveway. By this time next week I'll have light until at least 7:30! Now I can sit outside and work on my yard during the week. Ah. Life is good.

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