Sunday, March 30, 2008

A weekend off

I had the weekend off from agility trials. The next weekend I have off is... uhm...

Probably May, the weekend after WT tryouts.

Next weekend I'll be in Dixon for an AKC trial and the weekend after I'll be back in Dixon for a 4 day USDAA trial. That trial has historically had crappy crappy weather, so we'll see what the weather man brings this year!

"So what did I do this weekend?," you ask? On Saturday I spent most of the day cleaning. I cleaned a bit of my guest room, a bit of the livingroom and a bit of the garage. The livingroom looks ok, but the rest of the house is still a mess. Oh well, it's a neverending battle.

Today I went to Shamrock and set up a savioja course. It took me about an hour to set the course. The first time I ran it, it went pretty well. My turns were a bit wide from 2-3 and 4-5, but I was able to rear cross the weaves and he got his entry. His teeter was OK, but his a-frame was awesome and dogwalk was good too.

After I ran it once Sandy came and she ran it with quill. Then we ran a modified course that had a threadle from 5-6 that we handled pretty well and then a 270 from 2-3 to the weaves (opposite end from the other course).

Next we ran the course backwards. The first time Icon popped out of the weaves as I tried to fc after. Then, when he was supposed to go 8-7-6 he actually went 8-7-5 because I was so far behind (because I was waiting for him to finish the weaves before I left him for the line 7-6). After that we were able to get it but turns were wide. I went over it a few more times and was able to tighten them, but I'm living in a land where I'll either indicate a turn too early and Icon will come off the jump or too late and he'll be too wide.

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