Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sciatica is a pain in the ass

har har har. Anyway, my ass is still sore. It's sore in a ever-present, nagging way. I DO think it's feeling better now that that I'm aware of what it is (although this is still a self diagnosis) and I'm sitting straighter, taking more breaks and stretching more often. But the pain is still there. It has moved slightly to my lower back. I no longer have pain in my hamstrings unless I have been sitting for a while and then get up. I'm not sure what this indicates, but I'm hoping it's good.

It's been 2 days now that I've been exercising and stretching using 'recommended strengthening exercises'. This morning I started Yoga at Yoga Today. It's a free online Yoga website that has daily programs. The one I did this morning was a beginners program, but it lasted an hour. I only did 30 minutes because I didn't have time for the whole thing, but it was pretty good. I did breathing (I guess I'm an inverted breather because I had problems with this exercise). Then we moved on to loud breathing, which had Icon attacking me with his tongue every time I breathed loudly. After that I did forceful loud breathing, which totally drove Icon out of the room but got Apollo interested in me. Once I started the poses Polly tried to interfere. But it was really cute, the first time I did "downward dog" he did a big stretch right beside me. After that he laid down and just watched the rest of my Yoga. Foster was a good boy and laid down through the whole 30 minutes.

I'm hoping that I can keep this up, but one hour a day (or even 3-5x a week) is a big commitment for me. If I do manage to keep this up for a few weeks I will see about finding a class to join. It actually looks like I can go to free ones at the work gym. That would probably be good for me, but I'm so painfully unmotivated at times!

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